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The Cultivar podcast on art and ecology hosted by Zachary Korol-Gold and Matthew Schum brings together artists, curators, farmers, activists, scholars, and others who have an ecological approach.

Cultivar asks: Can we imagine collective ecological futures?

Mar 12, 2021

Lauren Halsey joins us for the latest episode of Cultivar.

Artist Lauren Halsey lives and works in Los Angeles and is the founder of the Summaeverythang Community Center. Halsey’s art practice rethinks the possibilities for installation, architecture, and community engagement particularly in her South Central Los Angeles neighborhood where her family has lived for several generations. In this work Halsey addresses the crucial issues confronting people of color, queer populations, and the working class.

In this episode Halsey discusses her art as temporal mapping, her family establishing Los Angeles roots early in the Great Migration, recently founding the Summaeverythang food program, her enduring connection to Funk-inspired futurisms, art in- and outside the white cube, and otherworldly inspirations Halsey takes from everyday life, whether it is LA’s Crenshaw district or the travertine terraces of Pamukkale in southwestern Turkey.

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