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The Cultivar podcast on art and ecology hosted by Zachary Korol-Gold and Matthew Schum brings together artists, curators, farmers, activists, scholars, and others who have an ecological approach.

Cultivar asks: Can we imagine collective ecological futures?

Apr 16, 2021

Themba Alleyne and Genevieve Belleveau join us for the sixth episode of Cultivar.

Alleyne and Belleveau discuss ecofetishism, Sacred Sadism - their line of ecofetish impact play objects, latex vacuum bed human/flower pressings, and the practices of gardening, homesteading, and rewilding.

Themba Alleyne received his training in theatre and modern dance. Experimental & movement based performance have had an abiding influence on his artistic practice. As an autodidact & polymath, Alleyne's work has expanded to sculpting wood, photography, aerial cinematography, brewing experimental beer, and the exploration of re-wilding humans.

Genevieve Belleveau is a relational artist whose work encompasses live performance, objects, writing, video, photo, and new media investigations. Her work has been included in numerous galleries and publications, including Art511 Mag and Artforum who have said her practice "slithers through some of the deepest grooves of the modern psyche" and her "intimate, physical performances might liven the super-organism that is the social body." She is known for her critically acclaimed relational and performative works which take the whole of everyday life as their raw material, transforming experiences into critical, curious, and complicated social sculptures. She is a student of prison abolition, believes sex work is work, and embraces anarchist principles in pursuit of a more equalitarian earth ecology.

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