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The Cultivar podcast on art and ecology hosted by Zachary Korol-Gold and Matthew Schum brings together artists, curators, farmers, activists, scholars, and others who have an ecological approach.

Cultivar asks: Can we imagine collective ecological futures?

Jan 7, 2021

Manuel Shvartzberg Carrió, architect and architectural historian, joins us for the second episode of Cultivar.

Shvartzberg Carrió discusses his forthcoming scholarship on settler-colonialism through mid-century modern architecture, land and water use in Palm Springs. We learn about hydro-diplomacy in the Coachella Valley, including the checkerboard pattern of the Agua Caliente reservation, the legacy of the Annenberg’s Sunnylands estate, and the technology of Whiteness.

Manuel Shvartzberg Carrió is Assistant Professor in Urban Studies and Planning at UC San Diego. He researches histories and theories of architecture and geopolitics, particularly how modern architectural technologies and territorial infrastructures mediate regimes of settler colonialism, racial capitalism, and processes of decolonization.

You can learn more about Shvartzberg Carrió on his UCSD website

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