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The Cultivar podcast on art and ecology hosted by Zachary Korol-Gold and Matthew Schum brings together artists, curators, farmers, activists, scholars, and others who have an ecological approach.

Cultivar asks: Can we imagine collective ecological futures?

Jan 27, 2023

Colleen Hargaden joins us for this episode of Cultivar. We discuss anthropogenic minerals and her work with Fulcrum, her exhibition at Hunter Shaw Fine Art, rockhounding, prepper subcultures, and more.

Colleen Hargaden is a Los Angeles based artist working in film/video, sculpture, and installation. Her work uses time-based media to explore future-thinking and themes of ecology, art, and utility. Employing the forms and techniques of contemporary “survivalist” culture, science, and engineering, Hargaden’s work responds to ongoing developments in technology, as well as the systemic social, ecological, and economic pressures that prompt their creation. Central to these concerns is a tension between humankind’s historical narrative of dominance and the resurgent possibilities of nonhuman ecologies. Hargaden’s work reckons with this precarious relationship, exploring potential alternatives through research-based practice and pedagogical exchange.

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